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Get a Free DNA Test Kit.  Click here to order yours and see how simple DNA Testing can be.

Welcome to Family Genetics DNA Testing Services

We Make DNA Testing Easy

Once you receive your free DNA test kit, take a bit of time to read over the details and simple instructions included. Collect your DNA samples and send them along with your paperwork and payment in the postage-paid envelope included with the kit. We'll promptly perform your test, then send you your results. It's that easy.

We Make DNA Testing Affordable

State-of-the-art science and technology doesn't need to be expensive. Our 15-marker DNA tests include the 13 genetic markers used by the the FBI and law enforcement agencies worldwide to conclusively prove human identity; and we guarantee the accuracy of our tests. However, we don't charge exorbitant fees for ours services. Please explore all our DNA tests to learn how reasonably priced they are. Click here to find out more about the DNA test you need.

Get Your Free DNA Test Kit

Take a minute or two to tell us what kind of DNA test you need and where to send your free DNA test kit. Each DNA test kit contains all the paperwork you'll need and easy-to-follow, fully illustrated and detailed instructions on how to collect your samples. We'll send your discreetly packaged kit out via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Click Here to order your free, no-obligation DNA test kit.